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Screenshoter 1Screenshots are snapshots of your computer screen. They come in handy a lot when you are trying to reference a point in an application or when you try indicating how a certain thing works. What many people do to take screenshots is to press the PrintScreen key on their keyboards, paste the copied image in Microsoft Paint, and then crop to get the screenshot of the area they want. But this process is time consuming and annoying as well. There are easier alternatives available in the form of dedicated screenshot applications. However they still make use of the PrintScreen key on your keyboard. Mostly, good screenshot applications are paid and may not be worth the money for a user who does not regularly use it. If you are looking for a free and simple way to take screenshots in a single click, you should check out an app called Screenshoter.

Screenshoter is a free to use desktop freeware application for Windows computers. The application does not require any form of installation. All you need to do is download the archive it comes in – which is sized at nearly 190 KB – and extract its contents; you run the extracted EXE file to run the app. The application supports multiple languages and you can select your preferred language from the Language menu in under Settings.

Screenshoter 2

On the app window, you will find a screenshot button which you can click to have the screenshot taken. Under the screenshot button, you will find options to specify what kind of a screenshot do you want to take: capture the entire visible screen, capture the image of an active window, or capture the image of a rectangular region on your computer. Under those options you will find options about how to title the screenshots that are being saved. Finally you can specify where your screenshot images will be saved.

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Other options such as the format of the images being saved and their quality can all be selected from the app’s Settings menu. You can also choose to include or exclude the mouse pointer from your screenshots.

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With your preferences set, you need only click the screenshot button to take a snapshot of your screen. The app’s window itself does not appear in the screenshot. Of course, the app also supports the usage of the PrintScreen button and you can use it as a hotkey to the application’s action. These features have all been executed very effectively in a very tiny package that is Screenshoter. If you are looking for a screenshot taking app, you should definitely give this one a try.

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