Easily Zip/Unzip Files Online With EzyZip

ezyzipWeb applications have taken over desktop utilities for most common tasks. The benefits of using web applications are that you do not have to install any third party applications on your system in order to perform basic tasks. One such task is archiving zipped files. There is no doubt that Winrar and Winzip are the best tools for that purpose but what if you can archive or unzip files without installing any software? If you don’t have any zip tool or you just want to extract or zip files, give EzyZip a try.

EzyZip is a handy online utility that allow users to zip and unzip files online in few simple clicks. The best thing about the service is that users do not have to download or upload any files what so ever. Everything is done in the browser using Java that differentiates it compared to other services. Before proceeding make sure you have Java installed on your computer and you must allow it when you browser request permission to run the Java applet.

To zip files, simply select the files you want to add to archive, select the archive file name and click on Zip Em button. Depending on the size of files, it will create a compressed zip file within seconds.


Similarly, to unzip any compressed file, go to Unzip tab and select the zip file you want to unzip along with the destination directory.


EzyZip is free and does not require users to upload or download there files in order to process them. During my test, I didn’t come across any error and will recommend it if you want to unzip/zip your files in few simple clicks. If you happen to try EzyZIp, please share your views using the comments section below.

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