Fantasy Storm: Predict Storm Path and Get Weather Forecast [iOS]

Fantasy Storm is an application for the iPhone and iPad that serves as both as weather forecasting tool and a game. Fascinating is it not? For anyone who has played “Fantasy Football” will have a clear idea of how this application works.

The prediction itself is predicted and the one with the best prediction is given the points and scores the most. In Fantasy Storm, the user can play individually or in a team. Using weather hub data from NOAA feeds, live infrared satellite imagery, radar and interactive maps, this app provides the users with every tool they need to predict the direction and path of a hurricane or storm.


The Weather Hub provided by NOAA can be used to gather all the details and data you need regarding storms and hurricanes in an attempt to provide best-fit path for the storm being predicted. You may use it to research and predict.

Once a storm is named, users are automatically sent a push-notification after which the real games begin, and from the most amateur iPhone user, to meteorologists, weather professionals, weather schools and universities, storm trackers and weather hobbyists get down to predict and pin the path upon which the storm is most likely to travel.

While all of this may sound fun and games, each and every user is contributing to one of the most powerful weather forecasting system. As there are thousands and thousands of predictions, the accuracy of the whole system improves and weather forecasting is made more reliable. While not really, but Fantasy Storm is like a super computer handled like thousands and probably millions of iPhone users all around the globe as they input in their own variables and paths of hurricanes, which makes the whole “tracking Hurricane” more reliable and effective.

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