Loader Generator: A Simple Tool To Generate Different Loader GIFs

Loader Generator happens to be an online website that allows people to create animated gifs – animated icons. As of currently, the website allows the following icons to be generated: Line, Circle, Arrows, Snake, Pulsate, Wi-Fi and Rectangle. To start off, these icons are basically great for web designers as they can incorporate them into websites and when the specific content is loading, the following “gifs” can be used to show that content is being loaded.

Using the service is pretty simple and straightforward. To start off, the user needs to select the type of GIF image they want to create (the shape they wish to use). Once done, they will be shown a preview of the GIF in the left-hand side with a “Settings” panel on the right-hand side (as seen in the screenshot).


The “Settings” panel will allow you to basically adjust pretty much everything you need to adjust to change the size, spacing, Speed of GIF and color, and also the background color of the GIF. As every website has a different background color, a different color can be chosen from the settings panel to ensure that the GIFs look perfectly a part of the website you wish to use them on.

Coming back to the GIF. Once you have altered the settings to your preference, click on the “Download GIF” button, which is found right underneath the GIF preview. The website will convert the preview into an actual GIF file which you can then “right-click” and save onto your personal computer and incorporate onto your website – if you need help with the PHP code, click on the “Example” button on the website which has a preview code.

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You may wish to alter the code a bit to fit your preferences and ensure everything works perfectly normal and fine on your own website.

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