ForecastFox: Get Detailed Weather Information In Your Browser

Forecastfox Weather is an extension available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and is as the name suggests for weather forecasting purposes. The extension is basically linked to AccuWeather, which happens to be one of the most reliable weather forecasting websites on the Internet. AccuWeather provides the whole platform upon which Forecastfox Weather is based.

The extension is great for anyone looking for a quick way to check the weather outside and see if the weather permits for them to make plans or so. It is a lot easier having the weather displayed right below your screen, then having to go to the AccuWeather website, searching for the country and checking the forecast. In simpler words, Forecastfox Weather extension takes that whole process, compacts it down into a few simple steps and voila. Done.

Starting off, visit the Forecastfox Weather website and choose the browser for which you install – Firefox or Google Chrome. Once you have installed the extension, a “Settings” page will open up in your browser’s window. You might want to change your “Location” so as to display weather of your region and not some other country.


A little setting also allows locations to be auto-swapped every given time period, i.e.: say after every 1 minute change location from Lahore, Pakistan to New York, NY and vice versa. Pick the measurement units and the icons – the ones that go best with your browser theme. You can also wish to set which “Weather Data” should be displayed in your “Add-on” bar, which includes: Humidity, Precipitation, Pressure, UV Radiation, Visibility Conditions, Wind and Moon Phase.

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Now, look into your tiny Add-on Bar. Over here, you can find all the weather information you need. If you hover your mouse over the radar, you will see an animated satellite forecast while clicking on the calendar will direct you right to the page which shows 5-days forecast (there is an hourly forecast option too).

ForcastFox 1

All in all, this extension is great for people who are looking for something not so bulky on the browser that gives them just what they need – the weather forecast.

Download ForecastFox (Google Chrome and Firefox)



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