JustBeamIt: An Easy to Use Peer to Peer File Sharing Service [Web]

Just Beam ItIf you browse the internet, you will come across hundreds of thousands of services that allow users to share files online. There are many things that lacks in one service or another. For instance, you cannot see if the file has been successfully transferred and downloaded by the recipient. JustBeamIt is one such file sharing service that allows users to share files instantly with anyone they want and track whether the file has been downloaded or not.

JustBeamIt offers users with a simple and user friendly interface with drag-and-drop feature. All a user has to do is open JustBeamIt homepage and drag-n-drop the file. It will automatically upload the file to JustBeamIt. After the file is uploaded, click on Create Link button to generate a unique file URL which can be shared with any recipient.

Just Beam It 1

After the file is downloaded by the recipient, it will change the status of the transfer to “Complete”. However, one drawback of the service is that if you close JustBeamIt web page, it will not transfer the file. The download link is active for only 5 minutes after which it expires and the user has to generate a new link.

Just Beam It 2

According to the developers of JustBeamIt, the files are not uploaded on their servers and the transfers are streamed for source to destination, which I think is good as you have to worry about deleting the file once it’s downloaded by the recipient. And the link is for one time use only, meaning that if you downloaded the file once, you will not be able to do so again using the same URL. The service also has a chrome web app which can be used to seamlessly transfer files from Google Chrome.

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In conclusion, I must say that JustBeamIt is a very useful web service which allows users to share files through peer to peer connection. And best of all, the service is free and doesn’t require users to sign up for an account or any long registration process.

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