Share Web Pages, Images, Videos to Different Social Networking Websites Easily [Chrome]

Sharing all your activities across every social network is no easy feat. It can be time consuming to open different social networking websites one by one and share something. This takes the fun out of it as well and you’re likely to get frustrated sooner or later. All this can be changed thanks to Cortex for Google Chrome.

Cortex is a very useful Google Chrome extension that allows users to share their Photos, Videos, News, Blogs, and Links on a number of social networking websites. Currently Cortex supports Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Gmail, and many more.

However, there’s no Pinterest and Flickr on the list. This is a drawback as these two networks are doing well!

Using Cortex is simple; after installing the extension the user is taken to the Cortex set up page where they can link their social media services with Cortex. They will need to enter in their account details after which users can go ahead and start sharing.

Cortex 1

Sharing is made easy as you need to hold down the mouse button on any website or tab after which, you can select the social service, enter your link, message, or anything and then just hit enter to share. You can even share image by holding the mouse button and selecting the social network on which you want to post it. To share an image, just click on the image and hold the mouse button till the social networks circle appear.

Cortex 2

You can select the social media services you want to share on via the message box that opens up, write your message and hit Enter. If you want to share on multiple networks, click the connected sites icons and post your message.

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Cortex 3

So one click sharing is something this extension allows without a glitch or any other issue. you can share images, links, web pages, videos and what not. In start, users may find it difficult to get used to this extension but once you do, you will find out that its an amazing extensions. Let us know if you try it out!

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