Chat Undetected Stop your Friends from Knowing When you have seen their Facebook Message

The concept of social networking has become more popular after Facebook and Twitter came into existence. Facebook has reached to many people because of its unique concept and the clutter free environment. Also one of the important services from Facebook called Chats and Messages made it even more popular. It is because before that Google talk, yahoo messenger, etc., where the most popular services for chatting and instant messaging features. After Facebook introduced its chat feature, many people started using Facebook chat as the primary one to connect with their friends. Also Facebook has embedded the chat feature with personal messages to receive offline chat messages and to store the chat history. This attracted many users and today Facebook chats and messages become the primary mode of communication between friends.

Facebook messages have gotten a new interface recently and they introduced a new feature called “Read Receipt” which will let you know when your friends have seen the message you sent on Facebook chat or messages. Even though this feature is helpful for few people, many Facebook users feel this feature is annoying and it is violating their privacy. If you are one of them, here is the tutorial for you to stop your friends from knowing when you have seen their Facebook messages.

Chat Undetected is an extension for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. It helps you to block the read receipt feature of your Facebook account. So that while you chat or send a message from Facebook, your friends will not know whether you have seen their message or not.

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The process involved to block the read receipt feature is very simple. Cross rider is the developer of this extension, it is an app developing community where you will find lots of web apps for different process and functions. Go to this link to download chat undetected from cross rider’s website. Visit this link from the browser you need to install the extension. You will find “Get Chat Undetected” button on the top of the page. Click that button it will ask your permission to install the extension in the browser. Here I installed the app in my Firefox and after installation once you restart the browser you can see the extension installed in your browser as shown in the screenshot below.

So after you install the extension in your browser, the read receipt feature will be completely blocked from your Facebook account. One thing you need to know is that, it will reflect only on your local machine and if you are using Facebook from a different browser or any other computer, the read receipt feature will not be blocked. So you need to be careful about that. Thanks for reading and if you have any doubts or questions about this article let me know in the comments.

Download Chat Undetected for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer



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