Panasonic Smart Viera 42ET50 LED TV Review

The Panasonic Smart Viera 42ET50 LED TV is generating positive feedback for giving users good picture quality that comes in a sleek attractive TV design. The Smart Viera ET50 LED comes as a full 3D HD TV making it ideal for movies , sports and other entertainment programs. Its display provides high speed action viewing with frames per second that range between 50 and 200 giving the viewer a fine image quality.

The Panasonic Smart Viera 42ET50 LED TV has fun features, such as internet connectivity which means that you get to browse and stream videos as well as online shows with a much larger and better screen display than your laptop. This Smart Viera TV can be linked to a home network and a variety of gadgets for your entertainment needs.

Features Highlight

42″ Smart VIERA LED TV – Smart Features and Fantastic Picture Quality

1. Active Shutter Progressive 3D
2. 800Hz Backlight Scanning
3. IPS LED LCD Panel
4. Clear Panel
5. Web Browser
6. Wi-Fi Built-in

Screen Display

When it comes to uniformity, this LED TV has done exceptionally well and its image quality comes close to that of a Plasma screen. Panasonic have always been known to have superior quality screens considering many LED TVs that are side lit tend to have poor screen uniformity. However, Panasonic Smart Viera 42ET50 LED TV has above average performance with real life looking images and no blurring with pictures in motion.

Motion Performance

Motion performance with this TV is high quality. As mentioned earlier, there is no blurring even with images that are shot with many panning movements. The TV therefore provides a great viewing experience for those who like action packed programming such as sports games and athletics.

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Everyone wants a piece of the 3D technology and who can blame them? The Panasonic Smart Viera 42ET50 LED TV 3D resolution is on an ultimate level as it does not skip even a single pixel. It therefore goes without saying that this TV has one of the best 3D images in the market. Buyers have the option of changing settings to what is most suitable for them. The refresh rates can be altered to either 100 Hz as well as 120 Hz. However, it is important to note that leaving the 3D refresh rate in its Auto setting provides you with the best picture quality. This is because you avoid the frame conversion rates.

The full HD 3D TV uses active shutter 3D glasses which have separate images for both eyes. The lenses are synchronized in their display, showing images as is hence giving you a full 3D experience.

You can also opt to view the TV in normal 2 dimensions which also comes with high quality imaging.

Game Console Adaptability

For those who love to play games, Panasonic Smart Viera 42ET50 LED TV does not disappoint. The 42 inch display provides grand viewing on game mode with great resolution and support.

Internet Features

The Panasonic Smart Viera 42ET50 LED TV comes with convenient access to the internet which is easily accessed via the remote control. Online apps that have been pre-installed are Skype, social networking sites such as: Twitter and Facebook. TV stations such as Euronews, BBC News, FetchTV and Netflix are also included.  The TV is Wi-Fi enabled giving you instant access to your preferred network.

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When it comes to sound, you get Dolby Digital and Virtual Surround audio. The TV comes with a variety of speakers. 8 train speakers on both sides and a woofer. The sound mode can be placed on user, speech or music.

Input/ Output features

Panasonic Smart Viera 42ET50 LED TV has a common interface. There are 4 HDMI input on the side and composite video input that come with a shared component. SD card, USB and LAN ports are also supported. This means that you can use your USB for high definition recording or play music and videos via the USB and SD card as well. All you have to do is simply plug in your SD card or USB and begin recording or enjoying your favorite music.

The Panasonic Smart Viera 42ET50 LED TV is a must have TV. Not only do you get superior picture quality but also convenience when it comes to your entertainment needs. You can use your smart phone as the TV remote and also use the browser to stream videos or download your favorite music. The backlit LED TV images are perhaps enhanced thanks to its features and wide angle viewing. If you are looking to upgrade to a better viewing experience then the Panasonic Smart Viera 42ET50 LED TV is the way to go.

Thanks to Penasonic India we got the chance to try and test Panasonic Smart Viera 42ET50.

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