Privacy Fix: Provide Tools To Stop From Tracking you on the Web

When it comes to the Internet, privacy is one of the major concerns because today many companies are trying to steal the user data and make money from them. Using flash cookies on the browser, advertisements, etc., they just track users on the web and steal their information. Today’s modern browsers have improved a lot in protecting privacy of the users but sometimes we forget to enable or adjust the settings properly.

Also one of the most important parts of the web where people steal user information is Social networks. Today we have more than 1 billion users on Facebook and 25 million on Google Plus. So hacker and many companies target on these social networks for getting user information.


It is must to do some tweaks on your privacy settings in these social networks and browsers. Either we forget it or we don’t have any idea about doing this. In order to get rid of these things we have an extension called “Privacy Fix” for Firefox and chrome. It will automatically check your privacy settings on the browser as well as your online accounts like Facebook, Google plus and the websites you visit.

Once you install the extension in your browser just login to your Facebook and Google Plus account it will automatically check your privacy settings and tell you which settings you’ve made and which one you haven’t. So that you can understand why those privacy settings are essential on your social networking accounts.

Not only on the social networks it will also help you while browsing through the internet. After you install the extension it will tell you the settings need to be changed on your browser. Once you have done that you will get warnings when you are about to click any malicious links while you surf through the web.

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Also it has an another feature called Health Bar which helps to keep track of your security on the web. The health bar will have two different colors. Orange indicates a security violation and green indicates safe. So more the orange on your health bar will affect your security on the web. Also it will warn when you visit the website which tracks user data and store flash cookies in your system to steal your data. It is a must have extension in your browsers to keep you secured from the preyed eyes.

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3 thoughts on “Privacy Fix: Provide Tools To Stop From Tracking you on the Web”

  1. Very much useful extension for every one. Helps us to know the state in which our datas are spread across the web and where to fix the privacy and where it let it go..

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