Easily Open Links From Firefox to Other Browsers And Programs [Addon]

Because I have to review web applications and browser extensions on a regular basis, I find myself often switching from one web browser to the other. Usually it is only after I open a link that I realize that this link needs to be open in another browser. For instance, after using Mozilla Firefox to open a link to a browser extension for Google Chrome, I realize that my browser should have been Chrome; thus I copy the link from the address bar, open up Chrome, paste the link in the address bar, and then press the Enter key.

What I would appreciate is an easy way to port links to another installed web browser so I can be saved from all of the copy-pasting steps. This solution is offered by a handy tool called Browser View Plus.

Browser View Plus 1

Browser View Plus is a free to use browser tool. It comes as a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox. The add-on lets you export links to other installed web browsers. If you have a webpage open in Firefox, you can use this extension to automatically have it opened in another browser such as Opera or Chrome. This can be done very easily: simply right click someplace on a webpage and enter the Open With menu to select your web browser.

Browser View Plus 2

You can also open certain links in particular programs. For example, if there is a link to media file you can send it to an installed program like VLC Player for streaming. This can be done by right clicking on a particular link and entering the Open Link With open to select your destination program.

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Browser View Plus 3

Which browsers and programs appear in these menus can be selected from the preferences of the add-on. Applications other than the ones recognized by default can be added by typing a name for them and specifying their filepath on your computer.

Browser View Plus 4

A shortcut way to use the add-on is to enter Firefox’s toolbar customization options where you will find newly placed buttons that can be dragged onto the browser’s toolbar. You can use these buttons to open links in another installed browser by a single click.

Browser View Plus 5

For Mozilla Firefox users who have multiple web browsers installed, this extension can be very helpful.

Download Browser View Plus for Firefox



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