Time Zone Slider: Easily Set Meeting Times for International Participants

Timezon SliderThanks to the internet, we can now easily communicate with people who are living in other countries. It has encouraged and facilitated online business between people. Programs like Skype let you setup online meetings and conferences and conduct them with ease. One problem that arises, however, is quickly coming up with a meeting time. Because almost all parties are in different time zones, it is not exactly easy to let all parties which time they should be available.

But to help you out in the matter is an excellent web application called Time Zone Slider.

Time Zone Slider is a free to use web application that helps people in finding out the times in other time zones. Using the website is very easy: when you first visit the webpage, your own time zone is automatically loaded up and shown as a timeline labeled “Me.” On your timeline, the black marker represents midnight while the red marker represents the current time.

Timezon Slider 2

In the top right you can add new timelines for other parties of the online meeting by adding their name and time zone. Remember that you need to enter the name of the time zone and not simply the name of the area they live in. When you enter a valid time zone, a suggestion appears in the drop down options, click on it to select it.

Timezon Slider 3

Next, click on the green addition icon to add the person’s timeline to the page.

Timezon Slider 4

Similarly, you can add as many timelines as you want.

Timezon Slider 5

You can click and drag on the timeline to produce a green marker on all timelines. These markers move together and help you easily find out what time it is in other time zones.

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Timezon Slider 6

In this simple way, you are able to find out what time it is in other time zones.

Clearly, this application is simple to use and a must-have for all people that regularly hold online conferences and meetings for international participants. The fact that you do not need to create an account on the site to use it makes it even better.

You can check out Time Zone Slider by clicking here.



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