Facebook Notify+: Get Facebook Notifications in Google Chrome’s Address Bar

I often have my Facebook account open up in a browser tab while I am working. I want to stay in touch with the notifications I get on Facebook however I end up getting distracted from the tab and begin browsing my Facebook stream. This is not only my problem but a problem faced by many other computer users. What we need is an effective solution that keeps us updated with our Facebook notifications without offering the distraction of our Facebook stream. Here to help is a browser extension for Google Chrome called Facebook Notify+.

Facebook Notify  1

Facebook Notify+ is a free to use browser tool that comes as an extension for Google Chrome. After you install the extension, it adds a new icon to your browser’s address bar.

Facebook Notify  2

When you first click on this icon, it opens up the authorization page of Facebook where you have to grant the application access to your Facebook account. With the permissions given to the extension, the icon is updated each time a new notification appears on your Facebook. The number of notifications is indicated on the icon.

Facebook Notify  3

You can click on the icon to make a list of your notifications appear, sorted according to recentness.

Facebook Notify  4

You can click on any one notification and its corresponding material – picture, post, link, etc. – is opened in the same sidebar without redirecting you from the webpage you were viewing earlier.

Facebook Notify  5

This way you do not have to visit Facebook and you are not tempted to browse your Facebook stream. While the Chrome extension offers an excellent solution for Facebook addicts, it lacks the ability to notify you of new messages. Any new messages are not reported the extension. A thorough solution, therefore, would be to use this Google Chrome extension in conjunction with the Facebook desktop messenger.

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