FenrirFS: A Desktop App to Help You Easily Manage Files

FenrirFS 1Have you ever had trouble finding the file that you were looking for? If yes, then this is simply because your computer has a lot of files which are scattered across a multitude of folders. Traversing through the right folder path and finding the right file you are looking for can sometimes be difficult. Furthermore, the process can be undesirably time consuming when you are dealing with files on the server; ending up in the wrong folder wastes even more time.

Here to offer a good solution is a file management application titled FenrirFS.

FenrirFS is a desktop application for Windows computers. The setup file of the app is sized at nearly 5 MB. You download it and install the application with ease. When you open the app, it builds it database and you can see files in the right pane categorized into various groups and labels that can be viewed on the left.

FenrirFS 2

The groups / labels you see in the bottom left can be edited if you right click on one of them. You can create new labels, create a new group of labels, sort the labels according to various agendas, and edit existing labels. Labels can be attached to files by dragging them onto the label or using your keyboard to type the label before the filename in the app.

FenrirFS 3

In order to move files to another category, simply highlight them in the right pane and use the move button in the top row of buttons.

FenrirFS 4

You can change the library / category of apps you are viewing using the menu in the top left. Here you will find links to your documents, downloads, music, pictures, and videos.

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FenrirFS 5

Another feature of the app is its built-in media viewer that lets you quickly open and view your digital images.

FenrirFS 6

In conclusion, FenrirFs lets you locate and open files by remembering which category they belong to rather than remembering their location. You can have your files sorted different groups and assign them various labels so they become easier to find.

Download FenrirFS (via AddictiveTips)



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