PDFconv: A Web App to Easily Convert Your Documents Into PDF

PDFConv 1While using a computer, we create all types of different digital documents. People whose work involves writing create Word documents; accountants create Excel spreadsheets; designers create image files, and so on. But while we create documents in a multitude of different file formats, we always lean towards the PDF file formats when we want to share documents with others. The program you create a document in does not necessarily have the option to output a PDF file. What you need is a tool that converts files of other formats into a PDF files. Moreover, you need this tool to be an online app so that it is accessible from any computer.

PDFconv is precisely the thing you need.

PDFconv is a free to use web application that lets you easily convert a wide variety of file formats into the PDF file format. The files you pass through the site could be image files, text documents, spreadsheets, or any one of the many supported file formats which are mentioned on the app’s homepage. You can convert files in batches by selecting up to 5 files in a single go; the total size of your selected files should not exceed 25 MB. You can either select files stored locally on your computer or provide the direct URL of files stored online.

PDFConv 2

Next you upload your files; the progress bar under each file indicates how much of it is left to upload.

PDFConv 3

When the files are all converted, you can download the PDF files either individually or you can download them together compressed in a ZIP archive.

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PDFConv 4

By converting files to PDF format, this handy web application will also help you in viewing the contents of a file that you do not have viewing software for. For instance, if your computer cannot open DOCX files but it can open PDF files, you can view the contents of a downloaded DOCX files by first converting it to a PDF using this website.

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