How to Take Screenshot of the Webpage on Firefox 16 without Third Party Add-on

Mozilla Firefox 16 is here with tons of performance improvement and many new features. Though curious minds might have already got their hands on Firefox 16 via Mozilla FTP servers, if you haven’t then we suggest you to do get your hands on Firefox 16. If you are the web developer or designer then you will surly love the new addition to Firefox 16, the new command line toolbar.

Mozilla Firefox 16

The new command line toolbar offers easy keyboard controls with auto command completion for quicker and faster web development over Firefox developer tools. With Command line toolbar you can also get access to and control to several features of Firefox 16 which doesn’t have user interface.

For example, the new out of the box webpage screenshot feature. Until now you would have to rely on third party add-ons and services to capture part or full page website screenshot. But not anymore, the Firefox 16 has screenshot feature built right into the core. All you need to do is open developer toolbar and type simple command, that’s it.

We do wonder why it took so long to Mozilla to have webpage screenshot feature right into the browser,

Here is the step by step guide on how to take webpage screenshot on Firefox 16.

How To Take Webpage Screenshot on Firefox 16

1. Must make sure you have update to latest Firefox 16, open the website you would like to capture the screenshot of.

2. Go to Tools menu, then web developer and click on Developer toolbar. Alternately you can press Shift+F2 keyboard shortcut to bring the Developer Toolbar.

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Firefox 16 Developer Toolbar Menu

3. You will notice a new toolbar visible at the bottom of Firefox.

Firefox Developer Toolbar

4. Now type screenshot at command line and command completion will show the possible parameters.

Firefox Screenshot command completion

To take full page screenshot type following command,

screenshot fullpage.png 0 true

Full page screenshot on Firefox 16

and hit enter, and you will notice the screenshot is saved with “fullpage.png” file name in your downloads directory. Note, 0 is number zero and not letter “O”, it specifies the delay before taking the webpage screenshot.

To take screenshot of only visible part of the webpage type following command,

screenshot visible.png 0 false

Visible Page Screenshot Only

Press enter, that’s it.

How to Take Screenshot on Firefox 16 Video Guide

The screenshot feature of Firefox is even more robust, you can also take screenshot of specific node (CSS element) by specifying node identifier.



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