Do: A Best Web App to Organize Your Plans and Projects

Organizing a group of people for an event or a project is not an easy task. All the ideas and updates you make on that particular event should reach everyone instantly. Many web services and Smartphone apps were available to organize a group of people for an event. Today we are going to see one such web application called “DO” which makes organizing events more comfortable. Comparing to other event organizing applications, Do has got something unique and efficient enough to handle things smartly.

Do is developed by the Salesforce, one of the best concerns in cloud computing for small and business enterprises. Do is a web application can be accessed through all the browsers and it is available as an extension for chrome. Also it is available as an app for iPhone and Android. Due to its multiple platform support you can easily manage your task from anywhere in the world. The first thing you need to do is create an account at Once you have done that you can start with the project or a plan you want to organize. Also ask your fellow team members to sign up for

Once you have created the project start defining all the tasks in the next step. Initially you can create only 3 tasks in the application. Once you finish the project creation process you can add more tasks. If you don’t want to create tasks initially you can skip that step. Next the third step is to add owners for the tasks you have created. If you didn’t add anyone for the tasks you will be the owner by default. So you can assign each task to a different set of people and they will be notified through their mail.

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After you finish all the three steps you will be redirected to the dashboard of the project you have created. This application helps to maintain all the project related notes and contacts in your account for easy access. So that you don’t want to depend on some other app or your Smartphone to do maintain that. Also the notes, contacts, etc., can be easily shared with all your team members.

Once you start working with this application it will literally create a private social network for your project. On your wall you can see all the tasks and updates from your team members. You will receive notifications for the activities from others in the project. You have an option called activity feeds which helps to track the progress all your projects in this application. Like Twitter and Facebook you will get real time notifications of the changes made.

You can easily import and export Google docs to your project. Also login with your Google account to share tasks and activities to your Google Contacts. Even you can use Gmail to create tasks in your project. Try planning a project or a function in your home with “DO” and share your experience with us.

Download Do for Chrome, iPhone and Android.



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