DeadMouse: Browse Internet Using Your Keyboard [Chrome]

There are times when your mouse gives up on you or you just want to use your keyboard to browse the internet. However, it can be a difficult task to browse the internet without using a mouse. Look no further as DeadMouse is the perfect extension to help you with this task

You can open links and browse the internet with your keyboard, no need for a pointer to even to use the keyboard as mouse. You can go to links by simply typing the first few letter of the link. It’s very simple to use and the visuals make the overall experience a rather interesting one.


All you need to do is add this extension from Chrome Web Store. Once installed, the user can go to a link on a website by just typing the titles. As soon as the first couple of letters will be typed the link will start moving in a see-saw movement and pressing Enter will open that link in the same window or if it needs to be opened in a new tab then “Ctrl + Enter” should do the trick.

Cycling through tabs can be done with “Ctrl + Tab” and if you wish to cycle through entries having the same words just press Tab. DeadMouse works with majority of websites with no problem at all, even some websites with flash content have no issues. The extension also allow users to add websites to blacklist i-e the websites on which you want to disable this extension. Just go to extension option and start adding websites.

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Deadmouse 1

DeadMouse is a free Google Chrome extension. Share your thoughts if you happen to try it out!

Download Deadmouse for Google Chrome



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