Easily Encrypt and Lock Files/Folders with Folder Lock 7

Keeping your private files and folders requires some expertise if you want to do it without using a software. The hiding files and folders option becomes redundant as soon as someone checks the option to show hidden files and folders. The other method involves command prompt but that is a long procedure. With folder Lock 7, you get security the easy way and as the name suggests, it has 7 security tools.

Folder Lock 1

After a quick installation, the application opens up and you are greeted with a safe like interface that asks you to enter the master password. Just type in a secure password and you are good to go. In order to protect file and folders you can simply drag and drop them on folder lock. You can also add files from the ‘Add’ option on the top of the application.

Folder Lock 2

Once you drag and file or folder to Folder Lock 7, it instantaneously vanishes from its original location and appears under items in the Folder Lock 7 application. You can even Encrypt files and put them in a locker. Other options include backing up your lockers on cloud servers protect USB drives, CD/DVD, mail attachments, and making wallets to keep private information.

Folder Lock 3

The only drawback is that in order to access the locked files/folders, the application has to be re-opened. It’s not as if you can simply click on the locked folder and it will ask for a password. In a way this feature makes things more secure. You can download the free version with limited features or the full version for $39.95 if you are satisfied with the software.

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