EasyDrop: A Chrome Widget to Easily Access Your DropBox Files

Are you a DropBox user? Do you find it inconvenient to open up a browser tab every time you need to access DropBox? Are you looking for an easier way to browse your DropBox files?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all these questions, you will find a tool called EasyDrop to be most helpful.

EasyDrop 1

DropBox is a highly popular file storage service which many internet users benefit from. The service lets people share files with one another. For accounts that are being run as a group, files are uploaded regularly for other group members to download and view.

EasyDrop is a free to use browser tool that helps you easily access your DropBox files. The tool comes as a browser extension for Google Chrome. This extension adds a new blue icon to your browser’s address bar.

EasyDrop 2

The extension’s icon gives you access to your DropBox files. Simply click on the extension and it opens a new Chrome mini-window that appears in the top right. This window shows your DropBox file structure. You are able to view folders which you can click to expand their contents. If you want to get files, you simply have to click on them and they get downloaded or opened in a new Chrome tab according to your downloading preferences.

EasyDrop 3

You can also get sharing links for folders and files by clicking on the arrow icon at the end of the item. Once the link appears, you can copy it directly from the window or click on the “Email this link” button to share the link via email. A link to the desktop version of DropBox is provided in the bottom left for interested users.

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EasyDrop 4

Overall, this simple Chrome widget gives you easy and quick access to your online DropBox account.

Download EasyDrop for Chrome



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