Tabs Outliner: Effectively Organize Open Tabs in Google Chrome

If your work involves social media or any other type of online tasks, then you will often find many tabs open at the same time in your web browser. In most web browsers, when a lot of tabs are open, additional tabs are hidden. This makes it very difficult to find the tab that you are looking for. Saving a tab and closing the one you no longer need are also tasks that become difficult. Fortunately for Google Chrome users however, there is a tool called Tabs Outliner that makes things simpler.

Tabs Outliner 1

Tabs Outliner is a free to use browser tool that makes it easy to manage browser tabs currently open. The tool comes as a browser extension for Google Chrome. Once you have the extension installed, you will find its icon added to the address bar. The icon will show a number that indicates the number of currently open tabs in all open Google Chrome windows. once .mes as a browser extension for google easy to manage browser tabs currently open. the y for google en at the same time in

Tabs Outliner 2

When you click on the icon of the extension, a new window is opened that shows all chrome windows and tabs in the form of nodes. You see that which window all tabs belong too. If you had to click on a link in a tab that opened another tab, you will see the new tab as a sub-node to the previous tab.

Tabs Outliner 3

To be directed a tab, you simply need to double click on its node. You can create new nodes and rename them to organize new tabs by dragging tabs into the new node. In the right side of each node, you will find options to close the tab or completely delete it. The difference between these options is that one lets you keep the as an inactive sub-node which can be reactivate later; in other words, even after closing a tab you are able to reopen it anytime you want.

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Tabs Outliner 4

In the bottom of the control window, you find options to save all open tabs and then close them, add new Google documents, clone the control window, and more.

Tabs Outliner 5

Overall, Tabs Outliner gives all Chrome users powerful tab control options.

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