Clear History: Delete Google Chrome Browsing Data With a Single Click

There are many occasions when you need to clean up your browser data and history. There is no need to keep the history of websites you have visited over a period of time. The annoying part is when you have to clear your browsing data and you have to go to through a number of steps to clear your data. There is a chance that Google Chrome may stop responding if you have not cleared your data and internet files for a long period. Thanks to Clear History extension for Google Chrome, you can now delete entire browsing data with a single click.

After installing the extension, you can go to its options and select the option to: clear all cookies, clear all downloads, clear all cache, clear all data when you close your browser. Once installed, you will notice a small cross icon in your Google Chrome task bar.


Clicking on the button will automatically delete all the selected browsing data for Google Chrome in no time.

Clear History

These are some great options and some give more control over handling past history. Users can also filter a list of websites from which the cookies and other browsing data will not be deleted. This feature is of particular use especially when you need to keep your passwords saved for specific websites such as Gmail, etc.


In conclusion, I must say that Clear History for Google Chrome is a nifty extension that can come in handy at times. Deleting history and other browsing data was never simpler before. Did you try the extension? If yes, please share your opinion using the comments section below.

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