Auto Shutdown: Schedule Shutdown, Restart, and Hibernate of Your PC

Letting your computer run unnecessarily waste a lot of electrical power. To cut back on energy costs and to help cut back the heat emissions to the environment, you should turn off your computer when it is not being used. But this is not always easy.

For example you leave for work and leave your computer turned on so that the ongoing downloads would be finished by the time you return. In such situation you would want your computer to automatically shut down after a certain time. Furthermore, there are times when you want your computer to automatically restart after a certain process and not shut down.

If you are looking for an app that lets you do this, then check out Auto Shutdown.

Auto Shutdown 1

Auto Shutdown is a free to use desktop application for Windows computers. The app comes in a download archive sized nearly 800 KB. The app installs quickly and runs from the System Tray. You can right click on it and enter Options to adjust settings. When the program’s window opens up, you are able to schedule automatic shutdowns.

Auto Shutdown 2

You set a specific time, a weekly time, or a specific date for the computer to shut down. If you want the computer to restart, hibernate, or sleep instead of shutdown, simply specify so in the Action menu.

Auto Shutdown 3

You can also setup keyboard shortcuts for every one of these actions under the Shortcuts tab in the app’s window.

Auto Shutdown 4

There is also an option to make a warning message appear before a scheduled task is about to be executed. You can set the time for this warning messaged by clicking on the Advanced button.

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Auto Shutdown 5

As you can see, evidently this simple application automates your computer’s resting actions and helps you save energy.

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