System Information Viewer: View Detailed System, Hardware and Other Computer Information

There are people who are looking for in-depth details about their personal computers. Are you one of them? SIV is a perfect tool that gives you a lot of detail about your system, and it goes beyond the typical information provided randomly. The information it can show include: Network and hardware info, Information about Windows, CPU, PCI, PCMCIA, USB info SMBus, and much more.

It comes in a zip file and you don’t need to install it or anything. Simply extract it and run the executable file that fits your system i.e. SIV32X for 32 bit users or SIV64X for 64 bit users.

Open up the application and you will be bombarded with complete system information. The main page shows system information and you have tabs underneath that show information about the above mentioned components. It has got some insane amount of information and can be used by hardcore PC users to check and see how their system is performing.


It even provides users with some minimum, maximum and average detail statistics to analyze when their system was the most active, when it peaked in its performance and just how much it was kept in average use. If some components are showing above or below average numbers it could be there might be some problem.

You have many different tabs in the main windows and you can check the in-depth details about each and every hardware component of your Machine. Suppose that you want to know some information about hard drive, simply click on “Volumes” and it will show all the details about hard disk on your Pc.

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This utility would be best used by experienced people who have a lot of technical knowledge. Otherwise for normal users, it’s not of much use until and unless you want to find out detailed statistics of your computer.

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