EncryptonClick: A Simple Tool to Encrypt/Decrypt Files and Folders in Windows

One click utilities are what people usually need. Going through with a wizard for tasks such as encryption can be time consuming and also, annoying at times. EncryptOnClick is a freeware tool that has the one-click functionality; it’s quick and allows users to encrypt/decrypts files and folders without any hassle.

After installing the program, a simple dialogue box will offer you the option of encrypting files/folders or decrypting files/folders.

EncryptonClick 1

You will just need to find the file or folders through the dialogue box. Select the file or folder being encrypted. After which you can simple add a password and encrypt the file. The procedure is the same for decryption as well.

EncryptonClick 3

EncryptOnClick is fast and prevents users without the password from accessing the files/folders. However, it still has some issues with it. Firstly, once you decrypt a file/folder it remains decrypted and you have to encrypt it again in order to lock the file. This was an irritating thing as once you have encrypted a file/folder; you should not have to repeat the process again and again.

However, this is a simple tool with user friendly interface and the even best part is that the tool is free and can be used by anyone. EncryptOnClick does the job for you in a single click.

Download EncryptonClick

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