Collusion for Chrome: Find Out Which Sites Track and Share Your Information

When you visit a website, it gets information such as which link you clicked on to get there, your IP address stats, and miscellaneous other internet browsing details. Sometimes this information is shared with partner websites and sometimes other websites reach out to get this information themselves. Obviously this poses a threat your privacy and online anonymity.

To protect your browsing history and other online data, you need to know which websites share information so that you stop visiting them or block the sites that information is being shared with. Here to help you do that if you surf the internet using Google Chrome is a tool called for “Collusion for Chrome.”

Collusion for Chrome is a useful tool that helps you learn more about the websites that are sharing your information. The tool comes in the form of a browser extension for Google Chrome. When you install it, a new icon is added in the address bar of Chrome. You will see numbers in red highlighting on this icon when you visit most websites. This number indicates an update in the collusion map generated by the extension. To view this map all you have to do is click on the extension’s icon.

When you click the icon, you will be shown a map of connected nodes which will be loaded up in a menu that drops down from the extension’s icon. These nodes represent the website you have visited and the ones that your information is share with. The network and the branches represent which sites your information is being shared with. The extension automatically blocks websites that are known to track your information – this is an action that you can undo, if you want. Clicking on a node reveals its URL in the left pane of menu. You are shown which websites inform this website of your visits.

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By having this information at your disposal you can be aware in a better way about how your information is shared online.

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