HyperDesktop: Easily Take Screenshots and Upload Them on Imgur

Taking screenshots using the “Print Screen” can be a bit annoying and time consuming as it requires users to first paste the image in Paint and crop out unwanted parts of the image. There are many good screenshot taking utilities available on the internet but most of the good ones are paid. To help you take good quality screenshots is a useful tool known as Hyperdesktop.

Hyperdesktop is a small download and installs quickly. After that, it will appear on the taskbar and can be accessed from there. It even gives you the option of starting up when windows start up. The interface is simple; you have the option to capture the whole screen or a portion of it.


After you capture the screen area you want, an editing window opens up. Here the user can add text to the screenshot. All that is needed is to write the text in the text box and then click on insert text after which the text can be dragged on the screenshot and be placed multiple times if wanted.


There is a pen tool option as well that can be used to circles or underline things or even makes a drawing. It gives the option of a number of sizes and colors as well. After clicking on ok the image will be uploaded on Imgur and you can send the link to anyone you want. Going in the preferences option can change where you store the screen shots and that way you can even store them on your computer or FTP as well.

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Hyperdesktop is an easy to use tool that makes taking screenshots a lot easier and a lot better than the “Print Screen” option. And the best thing about it is that it’s free and doesn’t cost a penny. Give it a go and let us know what you think using the comments section below.

Download HyperDesktop (Windows)



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  1. wov! That’s wonderful to have. I use PrintScreen all the time. I know how cumbersome it is. Will definitely give this a try. Thanks for the post.

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