PageSpeed Insights: Find The Performance of Your Website And How to Imrpove It

It can get frustrating if the loading times of web pages increase. If the any website takes a long time to load, there is a high probability that the visitor will leave the website and as a result, the webmaster may lose a potential reader. If you are a webmaster and want to analyze your website, check out PageSpeed Insights for Google Chrome. Page Speed Insights is available for both Google Chrome and Firefox. The extension evaluates your webpages and gives you suggestions on how you can make them faster.

Once installed, a blue icon will be visible at the top toolbar and which gives an overview of how to use the extension.

PageSpeed Insights

In order to use it you need to go the wrench like icon on your chrome and then go to tools and then click on developer tools. You will see a window open up inside Chrome.

PageSpeed Insights 2

There will be a tab for PageSpeed and the user just has to click on that tab and a button would appear named ‘Analyze’. Just click on the button and you will get an overview and suggestion summary as well.

PageSpeed Insights 4

PageSpeed Insights 5

Basically it’s for people who have their own websites and want to see them load quickly. The suggestions are shown priority wise on the left side of the window. This way you can start off with the high priority and go down the low priority. This would allow you to follow the suggestions and keep the website load time quick.

PageSpeed Insights 6

PageSpeed Insights is a great free tool for website developers and even for beginners who have just entered in the world of web development. This extension allows you to analyze the web-pages in an organized way and guess work is no longer needed. It’s free of charge. Let us know if you try it out!

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Download PageSpeed Insights for Google Chrome



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