Fences Helps You Remove Clutter And Organize Your Desktop

A cluttered desktop often shows the state of your mind and having a lot of things on your desktop shows a very messy look. It might even get irritating looking at a desktop with the wallpaper hidden, especially when you are looking for something on your desktop and you cannot find it because of so many icons and shortcuts. Thanks to Fences, you can now clean and organize your desktop in a better way.

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Fences helps you by creating shaded areas or what they call them, Fences, that you can move around and have your icons sorted out the way you want them to. After installing the program you will get the welcome screen which will give you two options; start using fences or I’ll create my fences on my own. It’s better to stick with the start using fences as the other option is for advanced users.

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After that you will get two more options first the option to automatically create fences for the messy icons and the second to create two empty fences. If you have a lot of icons on your desktop, select sort out my icons and it will automatically sort out icons.

Fences 2

After that the fences will be applied, you will get the options window where you can select the layout. There are a number of layouts you can choose from according to your needs.

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You can also change the appearance of the fences, and change the colors as well. You can then just move specific icons to different fences and you are done.

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The best thing about Fences is that when you double lick the desktop all your icons disappear giving you a clean look that just shows the wallpaper. You can double click again to show the icons, and you can move the fences where ever you like and you can even stack them on top of each other.

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You can download Fences by Stardock for free and you can purchase the pro version for $20 which gives you more customization options such as automatic organization, sorting, visual tweaks and much more. Feel free to comment!

Download Fences (Windows)



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