Surfmark: A Simple Way to Capture, Annotate and Save Web Pages

Taking appropriate screenshots of web pages can be time consuming as you have to crop out the irrelevant parts you dont want people to see, but with Surfmark it all gets easier. It’s not just about taking screenshots, with Surfmark; you can do a lot more.

You can take screenshots and add your notes directly on the webpage, you can highlight anything you want, you can write text anywhere you want and you can even draw! Getting the hang of Surfmark may take a while, but once you know how it works, it’s pretty easy.

Surfmark 1

First of all you just need to add it to your Mozilla Firefox and once you have done that you must signup for an account on Surfmark. You can do that via Facebook or your Google account and you can even make a new account on Surfmark.

Surfmark 2

Once you have an account you can start using Surfmark, you just go to a webpage, start making notes and whatever you want and then just click on the button labeled “start saving” on the top right corner of your web browser.

Surfmark 3

You can then just sit back and start browsing webpages and all the notes you make and everything you do via Surfmark will be recorded and will be saved online. You can also share all of those webpages on different social Networking websites.

Surfmark 4 Surfmark 5

You can then look at the saved pages which will appear on the bottom bar of your webpage. Clicking on the View button will open it in a new tab where you will be able to check the saved recording.

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Surfmark 6

You can modify the settings such as highlight color, pencil color, set how pages are saved and much more.

Surfmark 7

In short, this is a perfect add-on to make your project in an organized way. The even best part is that it will surely save a lot of time and budget as well because you will not need to buy any over-priced application for PC. Feel free to share your thoughts and rate this application once you use it.

Download Surfmark for Mozilla Firefox



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