Snipping Tool++: Easily Take Screenshots and Upload Them on Imgur

At times taking screenshots can be a difficult feat. Even with the windows snipping tool, it can be a bit of a problem. If you search the internet, you will come across many screenshot taking utilities, but majority of them are paid. As a normal user, you will think twice before purchasing software until and unless you have a good use for it. The Snipping Tool++ is out there to change all that. With this handy little application, you can take a screen shot of any area on your screen and then directly upload it to Imgur and get the direct URL which can be shared with anyone.

It’s a small application that does not require an installation but it’s a Java file, so you will need to install Java Platform to use this application. After downloading, when you click on the Snipping Tool, it will appear in your taskbar.

You can then right click on the snipping tool icon and you will get a number of options. The two options that will be of the most use to you will be the upload and save option.

Snipping Tool

The upload option will let you upload the screenshot or the partial screenshot (snippet) to Imgur and you can use the link to show the snippet or the screenshot.

Snipping Tool  2

The save option lets you save the snippet or the screenshot on your PC without any problem.

Snipping Tool  3

You can select the destination folder here your screenshots or snippets will be stored from the preferences.

Snipping Tool  4

The Snipping Tool++ is free and is without fault, very easy to use it is a lot better than the windows snipping tool and you get shortcut keys as well that you can use to make things happen quickly. Let us know what you think of the Snipping tool!

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