PDFrizator: Useful Tool to make PDF Presentations

Are you looking for a perfect PDF presentation maker? Do you want to make PDF presentation with a perfect freeware without spending large amount of money? PDFrizator is a useful freeware program that can make PDF presentations, and it can add some really attractive transitions in these presentations. It can add page advance times, and even background music as well. You can do all this for existing PDF files and make new ones as well. You can even add different file types into PDFrizator and it will convert them into PDF. The ability to convert multiple file formats makes this tool very useful for creating PDFs.

It’s not a very complicated tool and you just need to select the files you need for your presentation and get started. You might have some trouble understanding how PDFrizator works, but read on and you will fully understand how to use it. But before proceeding, please note that it does not support .DOC, .PPT, or any other MS Office format. However, it supports most major image formats and of course it supports PDF.

You can select the files you want to work on; from the file selector area on the left and you can add PDFs and images and then even add blank pages in between if you want to add something.

PDFRizator 1

You can copy paste images into the blank page but you cannot copy paste text which is a big disadvantage. You can also add transition effects to your pages and you can do this from the right side by going on to the “Page” tab. You will get other options like Orientation, Media size, Display duration, transition effect, rotation angle and deskew angle. So get a number of options and that helps you create a good presentation.

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PDFRizator 2

You can then save your work by clicking on file and then click on convert to PDF. You will be able to view your presentation by clicking on the full screen mode in any PDF viewer. It’s a free software so that’s good, but the only drawback comes with it not supporting text formats, other than that, PDFrizator is a good download if you want to make PDF presentations. Feel free to leave your comments!

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