Shopping Assistant: Find and Compare Prices From Different Online Retailers

Do you love online shopping? Are you looking for an assistant to help you to pick up good and budgeted things from online websites? Well, it’s here, Shopping Assistant is a really helpful add-on and the good thing is that it’s available not just for Chrome, but for Opera and Firefox as well. What this add-on does is that it gives you options; it gives you a second opinion. Alternatively, it will help you to find the best and cheap products on internet.

How does this Add-on works? If you are searching for products on a supported retailer’s website and you click on any product you like, this add-on will give you a list of similar or even the same products being offered by different retailers. This is great as it helps you instantly compare different prices and you can make up your mind from where to buy the product.

Shopping Assitant

At the moment Shopping Assistant supports websites in UK, USA, Canada, China, Deutschland, France, and Italy and if you want your Country to appear in the list you can just fill out a form in the add-ons page and send it to them. Right now, you can select any of these countries from the options in Google Chrome. The supported retailers include; eBay, BestBuy, Wal-Mart, Newegg,, and some others while the popular deal sites include slick deals, Fatwallet, and some others.

Shopping Assitant  2

To get started, go to a retailer and search for a product and on the lower left corner of your browser. You will see the Shopping Assistant cart and along it will be some competitor retailers. Click on a retailer and you will get the same search results from them as well.

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Shopping Assistant is a useful add-on for people on the lookout for the best bargains. It is free to download.

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