Web Search Optimizer: A Perfect Add-on to Optimize Google And Bing Search

There are often times when you don’t get the answer of your query in search engines. This usually happens when you looking for something different than the normal keywords. This is where, Web Search Optimizer comes in. This is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox and it makes the search results more relevant to your needs. It gives you additional search options for the Google and Bing search engines.


The first thing that you require is to install the Add on from Link to get started. After installing the add-on, when you will enter in search engine like Google you will notice that there is a green button next to the search bar.


Click on the button and you will get a list of options like; any specific words, an exact phrase, and the worst that should not be included. It makes your searches a lot defined, and then you can even narrow down your search results by the time period that goes from hours to a year and by file type as well! You even get a few settings for the add-on and you can even create your own black list!


So there is a lot that you can do and make your search results a lot precise, and it’s very easy to use, and most of all its free! I haven’t come across anything negative with this add on except the fact that it only supports two search engines i-e Google and Bing. But then again, it’s very seldom that any other search engine are used these days.

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Download Web Search Optimizer for Firefox



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