PNotes Is A Simple And Easy to Use Note Taking App

Pnotes MainThere are times when you forget to do the little stuff, and that’s mainly because you forget doing them since you get engrossed in other things. Now PNotes helps you remember everything. As soon as you get a new task to do, all you need to do is that write it in PNotes so you have a little memo that you can look at and remember what you had to do. The best thing about Pnotes is that you can use it as you daily diary as well.


It’s pretty simple to use, and you just have to download it and install it after which you can just jump in and start using it. If you don’t want to install it, download the Zip archive which you can just extract and start using Pnotes without installation. Just launch it and it will be minimized to your system tray. Simply right click on it and click on New Note to start taking notes. You might be wondering that Windows 7 already gives you something like that called “Sticky Notes”. That’s true but PNotes is a lot more customizable. You can download loads of additional skins, it has different kinds of formatting so you can highlight, change color, fonts, and lot more. This helps in making important stuff more visible, and that’s not enough because you can even add pictures.

PNotes 2

Another very useful feature is that you can add in security to your PNotes so they stay private by encrypting it with a password.

Pnotes Passwod

Apart from notes you can even write your daily diary, and rest assured that it will be safe as you can password protect them. Beside all these amazing features, you can make this little application to speak notes for you and can even share your notes over the local server to keep in touch with your colleagues.

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From Pnotes preferences, you can change settings like appearance, note scheduling, protection and much more.

Pnotes Preferences

There isn’t much wrong with the PNote except that you can say it’s a lot more than just a stick note and even that’s a not a bad thing. It does what it’s made for brilliantly and that’s all there is to it. You can download it and use it free of cost, just be sure to share your experience with PNotes with us.

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