Auto Power Switch: Automatically Shut Down, Restart and Hibernate Your Computer

It’s always a good idea to turn off your computer when you are not working. However, there are situations when you are performing a specific task, for example, you are downloading a huge file and you want your system to shut down or go to hibernate mode once the download is complete as you cannot sit on your pc for all that time. In such scenarios, automatic shut down manager applications come in handy. To help you over this problem, you should give Auto Power Switch a try. With auto Power Switch, you cannot only shut download your PC but you can even perform other power functions, such as restart, standby, log off, etc.

You just need to install it on your PC and you are good to go. The application offers two modes: Operating System and Application. Under Operating System, you can tell the computer to Shutdown, Restart, Log Off, Lock, Stand by, or hibernate according to whatever time you set it to. To set the timer, just select the mode you want, the time after which you want to perform the task and click Start.

Auto Power Switch 1

Under Application mode, you can automatically close specific applications after a specific time period. Just click on Add Application button and select the program you want to close along with the time in Hour: Minutes: Seconds format. You can even add multiple applications as well. Once done, click on Start button to start the operation.

Auto Power Switch 2

For people who like to keep things simple and easy, Auto Power Switch is the application. The best thing about the nifty application is that its free and can be downloaded from the link given below.

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