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Microsoft Windows 7 has created huge buzz in this week and with announcement of public windows 7 beta 1 download along with trial product key this buzz has become even bigger now. Unavailability of Windows 7 Beta 1 Download page and Product key page is clear evidence of Failure of Microsoft Server to handle enormous traffic and Microsoft is trying to add more servers to come out of this situation.

Early Today we had posted direct download links to get Windows 7 Beta 1 iso file by this you can download and install windows 7 beta 1 but it will be only for 30 days trial period and if you wish to test windows 7 for longer period you need to have Genuine Windows 7 beta 1 Product key and hurdle in getting free Windows 7 product key is unavailability of Microsoft windows 7 product page.

Well but some one at neowin forum has found the way to instantly get windows 7 beta product key.

Steps to Get Free Windows 7 beta Product Key

1. Login to TechNet Downloads Page with your Windows Live ID

2. Now copy past below link in same browser window where you logged into TechNet.

Windows 7 Beta Product Key For 32-bit Version
Windows 7 Beta Product Key For 64-bit Version

Screenshot of Sample Winodws 7 Beta 64 Bit product Key

Windows 7 Beta 64 Bit Product Key

Don’t forget that Microsoft has only 2.5 million Windows 7 Product keys to give away so hurry up and grab your Free Windows 7 beta product key as early as possible.

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65 thoughts on “Instantly Get Free Windows 7 Beta Product Key”

  1. Thanks a lot, hopefully I’m not too late and that I’ll be able to get my own 32bit key before they run out. I must say, I’m not impressed with how Microsoft handled the whole thing. I woke up this morning hoping that I would be able to download the Beta, however MS is still experiencing problems on their site.

    “Thanks for your interest in the Windows 7 Beta. The volume has been phenomenal—we’re in the process of adding more servers to handle the demand. We’re sorry for the delay and we’ll re-post the Beta as soon as we can ensure a quality download experience.”

    Luckily I went on Bittorrent and downloaded another copy of Windows 7 Beta, now all what’s left for me to do is get my own Product key and voila, I’ll be good to go.

    Thanks for this method, and hopefully I’ll be obtaining my key soon enough.

    Happy New Year Everyone !

    Jordan Pickell

  2. You should try the way at neowin forumsz i got mine there on my first try now to get 5 more so i can make sure my friends get one Hehehe

  3. I can’t get the link to keys for either of them, also the links in for the direct downloads are down. I’ve been refreshing the 32 for a while now

  4. the key don’t work. why the **** it won’t work… is there another way to get the key. pls inform me

  5. Need windows 7 product key because i just lost my windows cover.hope u mail me instent..waiting

  6. can you please help me. i bought a netbook with windows 7 starter and then upgraded online to ultimate using a temporary key. it has now run out and i cant find another one that works. can you help? it is the 32 bit windows 7 ultimate version in uk. my email is [email protected]. many many thanks in advance, karen x

  7. Ram_raghuvansi77

    my win7 ultimate product ID: 00426-OEM-8992662-00400
    please send me windows 7 32-bit ultimate product key.

  8. i need to acttivate my window 7 x dark it is not genuine i need a product key help me.

  9. my win7 ultimate product ID: 00426-OEM-8992662-00400
    please send me windows 7 32-bit ultimate product key.

  10. my win7 ultimate product ID: 00426-OEM-8992662-00400
    please send me windows 7 32-bit ultimate product key.

  11. can someone kindly send me a product key for windows 7 my pc is saying Window is not genuine what should i do

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