All-in-One Sidebar: Open Firefox Downloads, Add-ons, and More as Sidebars

Mozilla Firefox is an excellent web browser that is used by countless internet users. While the browser offers numerous convenient features, there are definitely areas of the browser which need improvement. One of these areas is the user interface. For example, when you need to access your Downloads section or open up the add-ons list within Firefox, a new tab is opened and you are taken away from the currently open webpage. This slight innate inconvenience presented by Firefox is effectively tackled by an excellent browser add-on called All-in-One Sidebar.

All-in-One Sidebar is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox. The add-on brings the feature of a sidebar to your browser and lets you view important sections of Firefox without leaving the webpage you are currently browsing.

After installing the add-on, you will find new options located in the left pane of Firefox.

All in One Sidebar 2

The top button from these options opens your bookmarks in the sidebar. You can use bookmarks in this list in a usual manner.

All in One Sidebar 3

The second button in the sidebar displays your internet browsing history.

All in One Sidebar 4

The third button displays your Downloads window where you can view ongoing downloads or see the previously downloaded files.

All in One Sidebar 5

Add-ons can be accessed by the fourth button. The add-ons window is opened as a sidebar and is fully functional i.e. you can enable, disable, and remove add-ons from this sidebar.

All in One Sidebar 6

The sidebar offers numerous customization options. You can move it to either side of Firefox and access the add-on’s options to modify the default width of the sidebar, along with modifying other options.

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All in One Sidebar 7

As you can see, All-in-One Sidebar brings some much-needed convenience to Firefox that was previously absent.

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