File Secure Free: A Windows App to Encrypt Files and Protect Data

In today’s computer age, computer viruses and bots have evolved into highly complex and malicious tools that strive to access your information. Such malware can intercept your data while you are transmitting it online or it can simply penetrate your computer and access your files. While antivirus and antimalware software solutions try their best to protect your data from being accessed, there is not much they can do once a hacker has his hands on your files. In that scenario, have encrypted files is highly desirable. Here to provide you with file encryption features along with various other security features is a desktop application called File Secure Free.

File Secure Free is a free to use desktop application for Windows computer systems. You can use the application quickly encrypt files on your computer, along with performing numerous other data protection features.

After you download and install the application, you will find easily locatable options on its intuitive program window.

File Secure Free 2

You will find four main features in the application that can be used to protect your data. These features can be accessed using the left pane of the application. Starting from the top, these features are creating backups of data, encrypting your files, permanently deleting your files, and locking up a flash drive.

File Secure Free 3

The encryption option is probably what users will be using it most for. You can select this option, pick the files you want to encrypt, and then type in your encryption password. This password is the same that will be required while decrypting the file which is done from the same app.

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File Secure Free 4

The File Shredder deletes your files in a way that file recovery programs cannot recover your data. Because this is an irreversible step, you are asked to confirm your actions before the file is finally deleted. The File Backup option does as its name suggests and the Lockup option locks up your flash drive to deny undesired access to it. To access data on your flash drive you will need to unlock it through the app.

This simple little application will excellently serve Windows users looking for a free file encryption software solution.

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