Annotary: Easily Highlight Web Pages And Share Notes

Consider a situation: you are researching for your university project and found useful information that can aid you in your writing. But as you have multiple sources, copying relevant points from different sources can be a bit of a hassle as you have to first copy the information to Word and then save it. This might work for many people but that is not the best solution as you may end up with quite a few documents. The problem arises when you have to send those notes to your friend or colleague working with you. You can get rid of this problem, thanks to a nifty app known as Annotary.

Annotary is a tool that allows users to bookmark web pages, highlight important points and take notes on any web page, and share them with your friends and colleagues. The best part about the service is that you can access it from any computer you use as they are saved in the cloud. The tool is available as a browser extension for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

To get started with the service, you must sign up for a free account on Annotary. Just click on sign up button and enter your desired login credentials. You can even use your Facebook account to access Annotary.  After signing up, it will ask you to install browser extension for your respective browser. Once installed, open any web page and click on the Annotary button. It will open Annotary toolbar which you can use to bookmark web pages, take notes and share them with your friends or anyone you want.

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Annotary 1

First you should bookmark the web page and start highlighting. It will automatically save the highlighted note to your Annotary account. From your Annotary account, you can share it with your network.

Annotary 2

Annotary can be useful for those who research a lot and take notes on the go.

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