Google Chrome Extension Manager: A Chrome Tool to Easily Manage Your Extensions and Tabs

Modern web browsers have a number of built-in features that offer an excellent internet surfing experience. One of these features is support for add-ons and extensions. Usually you can install as many extensions as you want and have them all running at the same time. But sometimes, one or more of your installed extension can slow down the browser’s performance or adversely affect the performance of other extension or browser features.

At times like these you need quick access to your extensions and an easy way to disable them. For Google Chrome users, this solution is provided by a tool called Google Chrome Extension Manager.

Google Chrome Extension Manager is a free to use browser extension for Google Chrome. As its name suggests, this tool assists you in managing the extensions you have on Chrome. After you install Google Chrome Extension Manager, you will find a new Chrome icon on your address bar. This icon is actually the extension’s icon.

Chrome Extension Manager 2

You can click on the icon and then on the “Extensions and Apps” link to expand that list; you will find a list of all installed extension. In front of each extension and application in this list you will find links to disable or uninstall that particular extension / app.

Chrome Extension Manager 3

As a bonus feature, you also get a tab manager. In case your tabs gets too numerous for you to conveniently find your target tab, this extension’s drop menu lets you view which tabs are open. You can quickly select a particular tab and switch to it or simply close it, all from the extension’s menu.

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Chrome Extension Manager 4

You can expand the extensions and tabs menus simultaneously as well.

Chrome Extension Manager 5

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