PictuTools: Right Click Images in Firefox to Convert, Edit, Share, and More

While using the internet, you might have come across various instances where you had to share or modify online images. Normally the way users go about this is share the URL of the image with their friends; this can be a problem if the URL expires soon afterwards. When it comes to modifying the image, users will usually download the image, make modifications to it, and then upload and share it.

Whether you modify an online image or simply share it, you can see that the normal techniques are flawed. But if you are a Mozilla Firefox users, you are in luck; there is a tool called PictuTools that solves these problems.

PictuTools is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox. The add-on adds a new menu of options in the context menu when you right click on an image within Firefox. This menu lets you perform various modifications to the image. The first set of modifications is format conversion. You can download the image in a variety of popularly used image formats.

PictuTools 2

The internet offers various online image editing websites, each with its unique set of features. You can access the Edit option and select the web service where you want the image being sent to for editing. Of course you will use different websites for every day edits such as cropping and other ones for special effects such as filters.

PictuTools 3

To simply share images, you can go with the Share menu that lets you share images directly on Facebook, Twitter, or through a QR code. Although a safer option to protect yourself from URL expiration would be to upload the image to a hosting site so it will remain online for your friends to see, even if the original link was deleted. This uploading can be done via the Host menu.

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PictuTools 4

The add-on offers miscellaneous other sites where the image can be sent to. For example, you can send the image to i2OCR for extracting text from images.

PictuTools 5

As you can see, this tiny little add-on is a very powerful image editing and sharing tool for Firefox users.

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