Fresh Diagnose: A Thorough Diagnosis Tool for Your Windows

If you work in the IT department of a company, you repair software and hardware problems on a regular basis. If you work with Windows computers, you already know that a lot of digging around needs to be done before you can get in-depth information about the computer you are troubleshooting. In Windows you have to either crawl through the Control Panel for the information you are looking for or you have to memorize numerous commands which you can type in the Run box to display your desired control module.

Here to rid you of all that trouble and replace it with a thorough diagnosis and information solution is an app called FreshDiagnose.

FreshDiagnose 1

FreshDiagnose is an excellent desktop application for Windows computers. The app has a setup file sized at only 2 MB. We tested the app without glitches on 32 bit Windows 7 and we are guessing it would work equally well with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

With FreshDiagnose, you get a complete computer information platform. You get information categories in the left pane; these categories include options such as Appearance, Engines, Event Logging, Services, TimeZone, and more. These are only in the Software System category. There are also categories for other computer aspects such as hardware, network, and multimedia.

FreshDiagnose 2

You can click on a category in the left pane and appropriate diagnostic options are displayed in the right. For example, clicking on the Motherboard option displays details of your computer motherboard.

FreshDiagnose 3

Similarly, the Multimedia option gives you access to the system’s DirectX modules and controls for MIDI, external controllers, and codecs.

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FreshDiagnose 4

To complete its diagnostics package, the app also offers benchmarking tools which you can use to effectively judge system performance through tools such as processor benchmarks and hard drive benchmarks.

FreshDiagnose 5

In conclusion, FreshDiagnose is a must-have tool for all Windows troubleshooters. You will find that its impressive set of rich features significantly cut down the time that is required to analyze system performance and judge its problems.

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