Soft2Base: A Portable Tool to Manage Installed Windows Apps

Computer specialists who troubleshoot the computers of others often have to check which applications are installed and which are absent from a user’s computer. One could access the built-in programs list within the Windows Control Panel and view the installed programs on somebody’s computer. But that list, while very helpful, only shows the installed applications. In other words, you do not know which applications of a certain type could be installed.

As a computer troubleshooter, you should know which type of applications can be installed on a PC that can perform new functions. Here to help you judge that and install new Windows apps is a portable tool called Soft2Base.

Soft2Base is a free to use Windows application that is sized at nearly 1 MB. The app runs and detects all the applications installed on your computer. It then sorts these applications into various categories.

Soft2base 1

You can click on an application category in the left and the corresponding applications will appear in the right. The list of apps includes ones already installed on your computer, ones that are absent, and ones that are installed but need to be updated. From the bottom left of the application you can control the filters through which these applications are displayed.

Soft2base 2

To update or install an application, simply select its checkbox in the app list. Then click on the Next button that appears in the bottom of the window.

Soft2base 3

Your application will begin downloading and the status will be shown in the bottom left of the app.

Soft2base 4

In this simply way, you will be able to download and update missing and existing applications very easily, all through the nifty little app called Soft2Base.

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