SaaSpose: Create and Convert Documents in the Cloud

clip_image001If you are an applications developer who has created something that works on user documents, then surely you have built in support for multiple file formats. But even if your app accepts various file formats and competently displays them to the user, users still need to be able to download documents in formats other than the one they uploaded in.

Here to provide your application with that functionality is an API called SaaSpose.

SaaSpose is an excellent API for your application that lets you easily create, convert, and automate documents in the cloud. This simple web application can be effectively used by developers to get rid of countless problems that arise in coding up a document format conversion module.

SaaSpose can create and convert documents with support for various file formats including HTML, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, and many more. This enables you to provide users with the choice to get content in the file format that is most convenient for them.


Furthermore, the app lets you generate thumbnail images of documents. Other image tools include the ability to convert documents into images and include them in other document types. You can also extract images from documents and automate the process to makes tasks easier than before.

While working with so many documents, it is essential to keep a track of their file versions. The API lets you do this by assigning barcodes to documents. These codes can be very useful in tracking particular file versions. You can also signal a document’s status by appropriately watermarking it.

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All these features can be made use of by applications of any scale since the API offers various pricing plans.

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