Freemake Music Box- Listen to Streamed Music on Your PC

Since a long time, I’ve been listening to music in the following way-

1) I get to know of a new song by an artist from the web (mostly twitter)

2) This is followed by a futile search for the song on the web on some site where I can listen to it (which mostly ends on youtube or some site like grooveshark)

The major problem I face in this method is that I tend to accidentally close the browser window all the time and end up losing the loads of other tabs I have open (even though Google Chrome lets you re-open all the other tabs you have open in a group). I again have to wait for all those multiple tabs to re-open and the end-result is wasted time.

Due to this, I had been craving a desktop application that lets me listen to songs for free (using the internet). What I had wanted was something in which I search the name of  the song/artist and I get what I am looking for. Yes. Freemake Music Box does precisely that.

The installer is basically a downloader which downloads and installs the app in your PC. It is about 15MB in size, so installation is pretty quick.

On the first look, the app seems very classy. It has a very neat interface with neatly laid out options.

The player is located on the left of the window and the search bar on the right.

In the search bar, you can enter the name of the song or artist you want to listen to. The results are displayed within a few seconds of hitting Enter/Search, though it would have been much better if they were displayed instantly.

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Once the results are available, hit the play button which is situated just before the name of the the song to listen to the song.

You can even add the song to your playlist by clicking the ‘+’ button next to  the play button. The songs are added sequentially on the left in the playlist. This playlist is saved within the application and is available whenever you open it.

The songs can be re-ordered by clicking and dragging a song up/down.

There is also an option to add new playlists. Clicking on the playlist’s name opens up a drop-down menu in which you can add a new playlist.

An awesome feature of Freemake Music Box is that it lets you import playlists too. Just select import playlist and go to the location of the playlist and add it. It is displayed as a playlist on the left.


This makes Freemake Music Box a superb all round application. It enables you to listen to songs which you already have on your PC as well as those which you don’t. A minor problem I faced with it sometimes was that the current song stopped playing when I clicked on another song’s name. The application had to be restarted because of this glitch and worked perfectly thereafter. We hope this issue gets fixed in its next release.

Meanwhile, enjoy listening to the songs and artists you love by downloading this app here.



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