Three Best Free Tools to Backup DVDs on Windows

There are times when you want to watch that superb movie whose DVD you bought ages ago but cannot because the DVD is not in a condition to play, right?

Well, here is the solution. DVD Backup tools. These tools enable you to backup the whole movie onto your PC so that you can watch it whenever you want to.

Best Free Tools to Backup DVDs on Windows

Clone Buddy

Clone Buddy is a very efficient tool to backup DVDs.

Here’s how to backup your DVD using Clone Buddy-

1. Insert the DVD you want to backup.

2. Launch Clone Buddy and select the source as the DVD drive.

3. If you want to backup all the files on the DVD to your Hard Disk, select the target as ‘Rip to HDD’ or if you want to backup an ISO image of your DVD, select Rip to ISO.

4. Select the destination where you want to save the backup by clicking on the button indicated below.

5. Click on ‘Start Copy’ and the process of the backup starts.

6. Once the process finishes you’ll get a dialog box saying ‘Transfer Successful’.

7. Go to the location you specified for the backup on your HDD and you’ll have the backup waiting for you.

Overall, Clonebuddy is very easy to use and gets things done pretty fast.

Download here.

DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is another great tool to backup DVDs. It has a straightforward interface and offers a little more control over the backup as compared to Clone Buddy.

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Let’s find out how to backup a DVD using DVD Shrink-

1. Insert the DVD in the drive.

2. Click on the ‘Open Disc’ button on the top left.

3. A dialog box pops up. Select the DVD drive in which you inserted the DVD.

4. Once the tool finishes analysing the DVD, the contents of the DVD will be displayed in the application.

5. Select ‘Backup’ listed above and then select the type of backup you want (on the HDD or as an ISO image file).

6. Specify the target folder where you want to save the backup.

7. We recommend you go ahead with the default settings of the tool without making any changes under the options tab.

8. The DVD will take some time to backup depending upon your computer configuration.

9. Once it’s done, just go to the location of the backup you specified and you have the full backup of your DVD.

DVD Shrink is an awesome tool overall and has a pretty nifty interface.

Download here.


DVDSmith, like DVD Shrink, offers users the option of specifying whether to backup the full DVD or just the Main Movie. It doesn’t have any frills and is to-the-point in its approach. It lists the steps a user needs to perform point wise in its main window. So, essentially here is what it says-

And you need to do precisely that. Yes, just that. And you have the backup at the location you specified.

Out of all three, DVDSmith stands out because of it’s precise approach even though it doesn’t offer as many customisable options as DVD Shrink.

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Download here.

According to us, each of these three tools will appeal to a specific category of users-

1. For the layman- DVD Smith

2. For the average PC user- Clone Buddy

3. For the advanced Computer Geek- DVD Shrink



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