Gomigo: Get Quick Access to Different Applications on Windows

If you are a Windows computer user and often type up documents, then you access Microsoft Office applications a lot. Imagine the total time you spend on clicking the Start Menu and then locating the Microsoft Office folder and then click the application you require – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook. When put together, you spend a lot of time simply to locate and click on the document creation program you are going to use.

To solve this problem and to help you save time in locating the documents apps you use, a tool called Gomigo was created.


Gomigo is a free to use desktop application that helps you access Microsoft Office documents and other windows applications you need. It also helps you quickly access web browsers. To start using the application, you will first need to download its small setup file. Once the application is installed, you will find its icon in the System Tray. Click on the System Tray to make the list of app categories appear.

The categories have Internet and Office. Links to the Calculator application and Notepad are already given in the main menu. Clicking on them once will open them for you to use. To open Microsoft applications, place the mouse pointer over the Office category and then click on the Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, or Word to open the application you want.

Gomigo 1

To open up a web browser, place the mouse pointer on the Internet category and then click on the browser you want to open.

Gomigo 2

To access the app’s settings and options, enter the Control category.

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Gomigo 3

In the Control options, you can add new elements. This means you can add shortcuts to new applications and files in the app’s main menu. While adding a new element, you simply add the shortcut title and file path.

Gomigo 4

Your file is quickly added and you are able to view its shortcut in Gomigo’s main menu.

Gomigo 5

In conclusion, Gomigo is an excellent application that can greatly improve your productivity.

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