Fast Empty Folder Finder: Search for Empty Folders and Delete Them

Program installations always create new folders on your computer. Over the course of your computer usage, you install many computer programs. When you uninstall them, they often leave behind redundant folders. These are empty folders that take up space on your hard drive. Manually looking for these folders can take a lot of time, particularly when you do not know where to look. Even if you know the location of searching, discovering these folders and deleting them can be very time consuming.

Here to offer a solution to this problem is a desktop application called “Fast Empty Folder Finder.”

Fast Empty Folder Finderis a desktop application for Windows computers. The application helps you in finding empty folders in your computer and then deleting them. The app comes in an EXE setup file which is sized at only 344 KB. You can install the application easily and then run it begin your search for empty folders. Use the folder icon in the top left to indicate which path you want to search for empty folders in. The search will take only a while and a list of empty folders will be populated. You can click on a folder to highlight it and view its preview in the bottom pane.

Fast Empty Folder Finder 2

To delete any folders, first select the checkbox next to them. When you have selected the folders you want to remove, click on the Delete Checked Folders button in the bottom. You will be asked for a confirmation for the deletion of the folders. Click on Yes and your selected folders shall be deleted.

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Fast Empty Folder Finder 3

In conclusion, this simple desktop utility helps you free up space being taken up by unnecessary empty folders.

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