Bubbles: Write Public or Private Online Letters and Publish them Online

Bubbles 1When you visit a company’s website, you are often given an HR email address or a simple contact email address to contact the company. Regardless of which department or person you want to contact, this singular email address is all the contact information you have. Resultantly the company misses out on important emails sent by people they do not know such as potential clients and partners. This also makes it difficult for you to find out who the right person is to contact.

Here to solve this problem is a web service that lets you write public and private online letters to individuals and companies. This service is called Bubbles.

Bubbles is an excellent web service that lets you write letters online. First, let us take a look at the letter writing interface of the web application.

Bubbles 2

The interface lets you conveniently type text that offers special formatting text. You can change font styles, add bold and italic styles, choose different text alignments, use bullets, web links, and subscripts and superscripts. Font colors are also customizable. Additionally you can draw using paint tools to make straight lines or draw your signature or anything that you want. You can optionally add images from your computer into the letter.

Bubbles 3

One way to have fun with the letter writing tools of Bubbles is to write letters to your friends and communicate in a fresh way. Professionals will find that adding Bubbles to their company website has a lot of potential. While creating your account, you can choose to publish public or private letters.

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Bubbles 4

Company employees can then create their Bubbles profiles and get handles for themselves.

Bubbles 5

Such handles let you private write letters to other Bubbles users. This makes it easier to find the people you should contact for a certain task. This streamlines and speeds up communication.

Individuals can try out Bubbles for free while organizations can opt for the site’s premium plans.

You can check out Bubbles by clicking here



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